by Rohit Ghai, President


Today’s news signals our transition into the next episode of the iconic story of RSA. The one constant in every episode of our existence has been our focus on the success of our customers and our ability to endure through market disruption by innovating on behalf of our customers.

This news heralds an exciting opportunity for RSA to accelerate its journey and fully embrace our mission to help customers thrive in today’s high-risk digital world.

In determining the best way to support our customers’ digital journeys, we sought a partner that was enthusiastic about RSA’s mission; committed to our customer and partner base; and interested in unleashing the power of our talent, experience, and tremendous growth potential.

Symphony Technology Group (STG) fully supports our vision, and with a more independent configuration, we expect to be in an even better position to accelerate innovation, ensure customer success with our portfolio of on-prem and cloud solutions, and expand opportunities for our partner ecosystem.

Until the transaction closes, it will be business as usual. RSA, STG and Dell Technologies will work closely together after the transaction closes to ensure a smooth transition, and to provide all of our stakeholders with the same level of dedication, service and support they’ve come to expect from RSA.

We believe today’s announcement is great news for all of our stakeholders, and we are excited about the opportunity to take this journey to the next level and unleash the full potential of RSA.